Proven successful holiday marketing concepts

With our holiday marketing concepts, you can send your customers free or discounted holidays. We offer an appropriate voucher for every budget. From a weekend in Barcelona to two weeks in Florida!

Free City Flights

Free City Flights - Free2fly

Your customer receives a voucher for a free flight with choice from 6 different bustling European cities: Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Nice or Venice. Your customer thus enjoys a nice weekend away, for example, or even several weeks of vacation. The customeris free to  choose a place of residence and the duration of stay is a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 31 nights.

What could be better than spoiling your customers with a contribution to an unforgettable holiday to a tropical paradise? With this voucher your customer gets 2 free airline tickets to a tropical top location. Destinations such as: Florida, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Aruba, South Africa, Tahiti and Dubai are among the possibilities.

Free Flights Tropics


Free Flights Beach

Make your customers happy with a beach holiday, and give them this voucher for 2 free tickets to various beach destinations in Southern Europe: in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, the Canary Islands or Malta. The customer must book the accommodation through us, with a choice of many good hotels or apartments at beautiful destinations. The stay period is 10 to 14 nights, depending on the chosen destination.

The HolidayGiftVoucher can be used for any holiday, from a cycling holiday nearby till a luxury cruise in the Caribbean. The voucher is available in the values €25, €50 or €75, but can be adjusted on demand. The customer can freely choose from the brochures of many large travel organizations, including Arke, Neckermann, Sudtours, Vrij Uit, Travel Trend and Holland International.


Vakantie Cadeaubon - Free2Fly

Try me free

Free2Fly Try me free

With this voucher your customer gets the purchase amount of an action product back. You can use TryMeFree to promote products with a low purchase price (up to € 4). This action is mainly used to introduce a product, create an extra sales impulse and retrieve the name and address data.

Do you want to set up a unique B2B campaign? Choose a combination with a FreeFlightsTropics voucher. Your customer can, after receiving free airline tickets, save up for free hotel stays in prime locations in Florida. This way he can easily ‘save’ his entire holiday together. Condition: this savings program is only possible i.c.m. FreeFlightsTropics.



Sleep Four Free


With the SleepFourFree voucher the customer stays for a week in an apartment for 4 people, in many European destinations. The customer can enjoy a holiday with his family, or friends, in an apartment in several great locations in Europe. Condition: this only applies to a group of 4 people, who book their return flight for us at a competitive price.

With a GolfForFree voucher, your customer can play a round of golf for free when booking a hotel stay in a connected hotel. They do not have to pay the so-called “Green fee”. The hotels to choose from are located at special locations in the Benelux and Germany, next to or close to the golf course.

Golf For Free


Free Holiday

With this voucher your customer receives both a free flight ticket and a free stay! The customer can stay overnight in selected apartments over various sunny destinations throughout Southern Europe. This concept is still under development.

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