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Increase sales and revenue by sending customers away !

Positive emotions convince!

  • Proven in neuromarketing research
  • Increase your margin demonstrably
  • A successful campaign for every budget
  • Increase your turnover up to 45%!
  • Surprised 160,000+ people with a free holiday

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Do you want more customers to buy your products or services? Whom remember you and your company many years later with a smile? Then sent your customers on holiday!  Nowadays, ‘positive experience’ is much more valuable for customers then a discount. And there’s no better experience than a (free) holiday. Free2Fly is happy to help you win customers and generate additional sales with our holiday-marketing-concepts.

Customers get a holiday feeling with your brand, product or service

Customers will associate your brand or product with a pleasant experience: Holidays. This, according to neuroscience, provides more loyalty and a greater buying impulse.

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Your customer decides faster and spends more money

Before customers buy any product or service, they weigh the ‘pains & gains’ against each other. Paying money ‘hurts’, even with a large discount. A gift, especially a holiday, gives a positive and nice feeling and works in the subconscious mind on the ‘gain’. The result: a higher buying motivation by the customers, and a higher turnover for you!

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A successful vacation-marketing-promotion for every budget

For each type of promotion and/or budget, we can supply an appropriate holiday voucher. From a simple HolidayGiftVoucher, a FreeCityTrip in Europe, to airline tickets to  tropical destinations! Your new campaign could for example be: “Become a customer and get two free airline tickets to a beautiful European city as a gift!”.

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Discover why holiday marketing works for every company


Increase your result demonstrably

Icoon - Trek klanten aan roze - Free2Fly

Get new leads and customers

Leads leave their personal data faster, potential customers decide quicker and average spend more money.

Icoon - omzet uit bestaande klanten - Free2Fly

Realize additional sales with existing customers

Trigger existing customers with emotion to upgrade or make a new purchase. This yields 5 to 10x more then focussing on new customers.

Icoon - maak klanten blij roze - Free2Fly

Improve the customer journey and retention

With a holiday promotion, the customer journey last several months. During the anticipation, the holiday and the positive feelings afterwards, a customer shall remember your product or service for a long time!

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Over 180 companies went on a marketing journey with us!

“We have done a successful national campaign twice, with a daily sales increase of up to 50% during the promotional period!”Campagne_FBTO_Free2Fly

Guido Gerritsen

Marketing manager“By adding HolidayGiftVouchers to orders starting from €50, the average order amount increased by more than 26%, and the number of orders increased by more than 30%!”

Fred Brugmans

Managing Director“A unique action full of emotion and experience with which we have received hundreds of new business-2-business customers ‘on board’.”Intrum_Justitia_Free2Fly_main

Madeleine Bosch

Marketing managerDuring our 1st-year anniversary we have treated many 100th customers to free airline tickets to European cities.

Geert Crooijmans

Marketing & CRM Manager
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